The Saluki Hound Sanctuary is a division of Luke’s Hidden Haven and housed at Battle Creek Farm in Ulster, PA. It is the largest Saluki hound rescue in the United States. This serene country setting nestled in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania is a million dollar facility with high fenced running areas, a comfortable doggy apartment, a devoted knowledgeable staff, expert veterinary care, country dog walking trails, grooming facility with a spa, and lifetime care.

Currently, there are 20 Saluki hounds in SHS, domestic and foreign, ranging in age from 3 to 17 years of age. Many have health issues. They have come to SHS due to their owners passing away or going into nursing homes and other facilities or having been abandoned. Several have been badly abused and bear both mental and physical scars. All are loved and cherished here at SHS. Maunallen Gregory, founder of SHS, has rescued and placed more than 1,100 Salukis from the Middle East, USA, and other countries in the past 20 years. Her family has owned and cherished Salukis since 1927.

The Saluki Hound Sanctuary is a part of Luke’s Hidden Haven, a 501c3 registered charity. It is a private sanctuary supported by a privatefoundation and public contributions. Programs for SHS include sponsorship, long term endowment and owner end of life planning for their hound.

The Saluki Hound is one of the oldest dog breeds. They are fast as the wind. They hunt small game and are devoted and loyal in nature.

Luke’s Hidden Haven is always willing to advise and assist in a variety of situations affecting the health, safety, and survival of all animals.

We welcome sponsors to help with the care of our Salukis. To sponsor a dog, we ask for $10/month. Payments can be made here on our website or on our Facebook page and even by mail. Automatic payments can be set up also.

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