Sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals

Welcome to Luke’s Hidden Haven

Welcome to Luke’s Hidden Haven. This is a no kill rescue/sanctuary outside of Rome, PA. This is not an adoption agency although we do have dogs occasionally for adoption.

Luke’s Hidden Haven has two primary functions. We focus on old dogs who have been abandoned, abused, or bereaved, having lost their owners due to death, going into a nursing facility or no longer being able to be cared for. These animals have a remainder of life care.

We also shelter dogs needing severe veterinary care and/or surgery from abuse, accidents, or birth defects who would otherwise be euthanized. There are usually around 50 dogs at Luke’s Hidden Haven, and the sanctuary also cares for 8 horses/ponies, 6 standard donkeys, two Pygora goats, and a hinny. We also sustain wildlife on the farm where Luke’s Hidden Haven sanctuary is located. We also have 9 cats and a couple of stray ones who stop by. We also feed flocks of beautiful birds. In fact, we try to take care of all God’s creatures and there is a variety. Luke’s Hidden Haven is a volunteer run organization.


Luke’s Hidden Haven, a non-profit organization (EIN:86-3257056), is an animal sanctuary dedicated to rescue, protect, and cherish dogs, and to permanently shelter those that have been physically and /or mentally abused and designated unadoptable. We spay, neuter, and responsibly rehabilitate all animals. We support other rescues by fostering animals, donating, and providing transportation. We are also committed to protect, feed, and sustain wildlife.

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